domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Harpoon Flash News (III)

Interesante anuncio de Larry Bond via Facebook
We've locked down the cover for Steel Typhoon, the next Command at Sea supplement. This will be available at Cold Wars (March 8 - 10 in Lancaster, PA). If you subscribe to the SITREP, you've already seen the cover image, but I still think it's excellent.

 Una imagen de la nueva caratula

Mientras tenemos noticias interesantes sacadas de Comsimworld

What is the game plan going forward for the Admiralty Trilogy?

Arthur, here is the last information I've heard.
The next item in the queue is Steel Typhoon which covers the last half of World War II in the Pacific. After that there is a new SITREP coming out. Harpoon V looks like it will be out in the later half of 2012 (summer or later) and Atlas looks to be in the hopper for 2013.

There are some other items that are being worked on (including a new Harpoon Naval Review), but I haven't heard any dates for them.

Is Atlas the ground combat portion of the simulation?

Atlas is the ground combat system for the Trilogy, but I haven't heard what the exact coverage will be for the first release.

I hope that helps out.

Segun esto el RoadMap quedaria asi:
  • Steel Typoon para Marzo
  • Harpoon Naval SITREP para Abril
  • Harpoon V para 2013
  • Atlas para 2014-2015
  • Harpoon Naval Review 2013-2014
  • Star & Stripes 2014-2015?