martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

DCS: World: VEAO Eurofighter (I)

Parece que hay novedades con la cabina del VEAO Eurofighter para DCS: World.

Se está trabajando en la implementación de los diferentes interructores de la cabina del Tiffie y esperan poner tanto videos como imagenes en unos dias.
I showed some people at Duxford the 3d model of the Typhoon cockpit. I'll post some pics in the next few days.
Work has started implementing the switch test code and I'll publish a video of that as I go along the process, as below.
Basically I'm currently going through the cockpit adding all the switch and dial helpers including all the animations for each switch and dial, that's pretty time consuming.
Then it's linking the sim to those helpers, again takes time.
At that point I hand it over to Tango to take over on all of the systems code; electrical, hydraulics, etc. as per schematics.
That's just to get all the basic aircraft systems coded. Then it's onto the MFCD (as you would know them as) logic.
You actually start the Typhoon Engines with 4 switches, the rest is all done by computer on the screens.
For now, all the rest of the team are working on getting the Hawk over the line.
I know you guys want Tiffy, as do I but this one's gonna be a while yet.