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DCS: World VEAO Bae Hawk (IV)

Parece que el desarrollo del VEAO Bae Hawk se acelera mientras nos acercamos a febrero, esta ves, nos hablan del nuevo modelo de daños que trae el aparato.

Hey guys,
It's been a while since the last dev diary update so apologies for that and you'll read below why that is.
No news is good news right
The team have been extremely busy over the past few weeks getting a Beta release ready for the beta testers to have a play with and I think judging by the feedback we're getting they are loving the improvements to the jet.
We've had a couple of bugs running around the system; things like HUD not working and weapons unexpectedly not firing from one wing but they are under control and will be fixed in the next patch for the testers.
We also had a good multiplayer test last week and all jet slots in the mission were filled with testers lining up to get some flight time. Thanks to Snoopy for organising that and it went very well. It was also very humbling to see over 9 Hawk's flying around in the same airspace, and not all doing aerobatics.
Damage Model
And now to talk about something we haven't really mentioned before; the Damage Model.
We've kept this a very closely guarded secret and for good reasons.
Crow has done some amazing work on the damage model and break down of the collision model ready for the February release which will then be further worked on during the public Beta phase.
The aircraft has been broken down into "cells" which are specific to certain parts of the airframe, and systems within them.
When a cell gets hit by a bullet as an example, the part of the 3d model within the cell will show damage but we're not stopping there.
Within each cell we know what "system" is affected, be it hydraulics, electrical, etc. and that system will either degrade over time or outright be non functional upon the hit. This will have knock effects to other systems that the damaged system is tied into.
One simple example could be that a wire leading to the nav light, within a wing section is damaged. The nav light may work perfectly for an amount of time before ceasing to function.
This is the level of detail we will be going into throughout the Beta stage.
I'm not going to reveal any graphics, renders or screenshots just yet but let me throw some numbers at you.
So, to the numbers. Here is a breakdown of the amount of cells for each section of the aircraft:
Front section - 12 cells
Mid section - 12 cells
Aft section - 19 cells
Wing section - 17 cells
Total damage cells - 60
That's a whole lot of damage to be taken on specific sections of the aircraft and the systems within them that can be affected, I hope you agree.
The model has been updated to incorporate these cells and like I said some of the cells have had the damage 3d model applied to them. Blondie is re-texturing the main skins to take account of the new 3d model and Snoopy is looking at the US skins as well.
Once we put all of the pieces back together again and into the mod and released to the testers I'll post up some screens.
To the Future
We are still on track for a release at the end of February.
Ed have done some updates to core DCS World for us that affects multiplayer capability, I.e. if you don't have the mod installed, you can't get in the aircraft and we'll be testing those out over the next couple of weeks.
We're working on our backend and frontend payment and licensing process, with integration into ED's own website system, module manager and of course Steam.
So the next four weeks for the team are going to be our busiest I think to get this amazing product out to you.
Once again thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm, it is amazing!!!
Chris and the team.

DCS: World Update (II)

Nos han llegado unas imagenes de un nuevo modelo IA para DCS: W desde la pagina Facebook de ED. Esta vez es el modelo 3D actualizado del Crucero de misiles Project 1164 Atlant, nombre en clave "Slava" por la OTAN. El modelo sustituirá al modelo anticuado que se encuentra en DCS: W. Esperemos poderlo ver surcando el mar en las proximas


Glowing (I)

Glowing Amraam, uno de los creadores mas prolificos de videos en DCS: World, ha publicado un pequeño video que muestra los cortes montados para un anuncio de televisión de este simulador para una televisión rusa y el canal americano "Military Channel", este ultimo, comenzará e emitir el anuncia en febrero de 2014.

A while ago (around October 2013) I worked with Eagle Dynamics to make a tv commercial video for DCS World/Flaming Cliffs 3. I made 2 videos, each 30 seconds long. The Flaming Cliffs 3 version was for the Russian market, while the DCS World version was for the US market.
This video contains all footage used in both videos. I had to wait a while before going public with this video, but here it is.
Feel free to subscribe for more videos!

domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

DCS: World WW2 1944 (III)

Ilya Shevchenko nos trae nuevas noticias sobre el desarrollo de WW2, en este nos muestra las primeras paginas del Fw-190D-9 y nos comenta el plan de desarrollo subsequente del proyecto.

Hello folks,
Wait, isn’t it still Friday somewhere?
The project is moving along. I have been putting insane hours into DCS the past couple of weeks, so much that it almost feels like a pre-release crunch.
On the development front, the Me.262 cockpit shown last week has had the last few kinks straightened out and is considered finished. Just waiting for the flight dynamics programmers, currently hard at work o the Bf.109K, to finish that plane and get on the 262.
The P-47 is also nearly there. The cockpit is virtually ready, while the external model is a bit farther along. The general pipeline for this project is a bit strange. Our cockpits are built a lot faster than our external models, and the programming time that comes after the 3D models are complete is even longer.
The order in which the planes will be completed is as follows. The FW.190D-9, in the development of which our team is also taking part, will be completed first (no ETA, not up to me too announce). The Bf.109K-4 will come next. Then the P-47. Then the Me.262. Then the Spitfire. The plan is still to release these piece-meal to all alpha-access backers as they are being done.
The landscape is also moving along. The most important part of the process is engine integration, that is, getting the DCS aircraft to fly over the new terrain, and all the other objects, vehicles, ships, and so on, to properly interact with it. This task is in late testing stages, and in the meantime creating the landscape itself has slowed down a bit. Once that task is complete, we’re going to dump an entire large team onto landscape creation, and will be looking at an alpha of a Normandy chunk in a matter of weeks.
As for myself, well, I have been doing a whole lot of writing and graphic design, and brushing up on my German as well. I’ll just show a single screenshot for now.

I am catching a flight to Moscow tomorrow afternoon. My main priority there is to finish the English version of the manual as well as its Russian translation, and to get started on the Bf.109 manual. I also want to get back to doing video updates, and hopefully give you guys a much better look at what’s happening with terrain and the 109K in video format.

DCS: World VEAO Bae Hawk (III)

VEAO nos da un vuelo por twitch TV mostrando el Hawk T.M1
For the first bit of eye candy for 2014 we thought we'd have a go at the Mach Loop Challenge by Baron. 
This is Javelin and I flying the mach loop and some formation fun.
I just love the cloud reflections and wingtip vortices!!
I'll be making a high res video soon showing some portions of this flight but you can see the raw live footage here.
We'll include the mission in the Hawk release and will run a competition using it.
We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed flying it ~
Chris and Mike

jueves, 23 de enero de 2014


Wags acaba de poner un nuevo press release con novedades para FC-3


Press Release
DUXFORD, UK, January 23rd, 2014 – The Fighter Collection and Eagle Dynamics will release DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 as a digital download for $49.99 in the first quarter of 2014.
DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 (FC3) is the next evolution of the Flaming Cliffs series that operates as part of DCS World. Feel the exhilaration of flying multiple fighter and attack aircraft from both the United States and Russia in engaging and dangerous combat missions. Jump into the American F-15C air superiority fighter and A-10A close air support attack jet; or the Russian Su-27, Su-33, and MiG-29 fighters and the Su-25 attack jet to test your flying skills.
The FC3 aircraft provide an easy learning curve for new players and focus on a broad range combat missions. FC3 adds many new features and improvements to previous versions of the Flaming Cliffs series. FC3 is a module of DCS World, which makes it compatible with all other DCS World titles like A-10C, Black Shark 2, P-51D, Combined Arms, UH-1H Huey and Mi-8MTV2 Magnificent Eight.
New Key Features for the Flaming Cliffs Series:
No longer is an installation Lock On: Modern Air Combat required!
A DCS World module that is compatible with all other DCS titles.
New Advanced Flights Models (AFM) for the A-10A and Su-25. New AFM coming for the Su-27 and F-15C coming soon!
New 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) cockpit and model for the F-15C, A-10C, Su-27 and Su-33. New MiG-29 cockpit coming soon!
New campaigns and single player missions.
Improved flight dynamics for air-to-air missiles.
Updated and improved HUDs and other cockpit systems.
Resource Manager that adds logistics control to missions.
Expanded theatre of operations map into eastern Georgia.
Countless other improvements in the areas of the mission editor, special effects, new models, improved terrain detail and AI.
About DCS World
DCS World is a vehicle combat simulation game created by Eagle Dynamics. DCS World uses a powerful engine that delivers realistic and engaging gameplay. The battlefield includes a spectacular mission area - the location of the Georgian conflict in 2008. Fly the Su-25T in a massive, semi-dynamic campaign to achieve dominance in the skies over Georgia! DCS World serves as the basis for which all DCS aircraft operate within.
The huge variety of aircraft, land units and warships are included from countries such as the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and others. Units are controlled by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) and they have an amazing level of detail. This all allows for the creation of engaging, real-world combat missions in this flashpoint region. DCS is a true "sandbox" simulation that can and will cover multiple time periods covering many types of combat and civilian units.
About The Fighter Collection
The Fighter Collection, as well as developing software for the entertainment and serious game markets, also operates, rebuilds and maintains Europe's largest collection of airworthy WWII fighters and is based at Duxford Airfield, in the UK. For more information visit our websites: http://www.fighter-collection.com/
Contact: dcs@fighter-collection.com

Destacable es la no necesidad mas nunca de Lock On para tener que instalar FC-3 (Parece que por fin Ubi a dado su brazo a torcer), los futuros AFMs para F-15C y Su-27S y que todos los aparatos tendran cabinas 6DoF, incluyendo el Mig-29. Wags también ha confirmado que esto permitirá su venta como paquete completo en Steam. Esta versión tendrá efecto cuando la 1.2.7 sea estable.

martes, 21 de enero de 2014

DCS: World Update (I)

Eagle Dinamics ha sacado el update 2 para la versión 1.2.7 Beta de su simulador DCS: World, aqui está la lista de cambios (en ingles):


AIM-7M missile. Corrected motor data: thrust, time and fuel flow.
Reduced smokiness level for many planes.
Ka-50 Deployment campaign. Corrected mission #5 Night Hunt.
Fixed ARM missile explodes right after launch.
Czech, German, French and Russian localisation updates.
Fixed JTAC doesn't answer.
Fixed bug with hiding mission editor layers cause graphic artifacts and the mission editor.
Fixed bug with A2A refueling of AI.
Fixed crash at ground unit sounds.
CA. Fixed bug with IR pointer and laser when spot freeze in the space, when exiting binocular view.
JTAC callsign will display in F10 menu.
Su-27. RLS lock lamps blinks correctly.
Multiplayer. Fixed client’s crash when switching slot after changing radio receive mode.
Added more compatibility with earlier DCS mission.
Corrected JTAC assignment procedure in ME.
FC3. Localizer bar on HSI for russian airplanes is fixed.
Mi-8. Server crash, when client fires GUV id fixed.
UH-1H. Corrected animation of door gunners.
UH-1H. Corrected AI targeting of door gunners.
Fixed error when player try contact JTAC.
Mi-8MTV2. Pedals work with keyboard.
Fixed crash when SA-6 missile hits the target.
Fixed bug with wrong course set of Patriot template.
The Su-33 location on carrier deck is corrected.
Fixed gun sound freezes, if aircraft is damaged.
Mi-8: R-863 radio fix.
CA. Fixed bug if player take control after shot AI, tank ignores rearm-time for gun.
CA. Tanks ammo count and reload time are adjusted.
CA. Corrected AP shots 105, 120, 125mm.
UH-1H. Corrupted cockpit night illumination is fixed.
F-15C. The holes in the cockpit external model are eliminated.
UH-1H. The tail rotor drive shaft arguments are corrected.
UH-1H. Updated fight dynamics.
UH-1 and Mi-8. Corrected some weights.
UH-1H. Multiplayer. Tail rotor is absent on network phantom bug is corrected.
UH1H. Tail rotor direction fix.
UH-1H. Tail rotor rotation in multiplayer is corrected.
UH-1H. Corrected hints of crew control.
UH-1H. Spinup time decreased.
Mi-8. Adjusted wheels friction.
Mi-8. The engine’s IR suppressor will impact to engine dynamics.
The ALQ-131 weight is adjusted.
The ALQ-184 weight and drag are adjusted.
UH-1H. Updating UH-1H instant missions
P-51D. Added new P-51D takeoff training track.
Corrected sound effect of Mach cone.
Mi-8. Multiplayer. Network phantom lacks engine exhaust and tail rotor bugs are corrected.

Para mas información de DCS: World, podeis ir a este enlace (en ingles):

DCS: World VEAO EuroFighter (III)

Nuevas imagenes del VEAO Eurofighter

El modelo es antiguo y esperan irlo mejorando con el tiempo.

DCS: World: RAZBAM T-2 BuckEye (I)

Un pequeño update del T-2 BuckEye de RAZBAM para DCS: World

A quick update guys. Work has been slow going as many features and functionality are taking a ton of time to learn how to integrate with the SDK. Pretty much all the systems are modeled but I am unable to perform final integration and am also awaiting the final revisions of the cockpit and external models.
In the mean time, I have been working on the flight models for our other projects so stay tuned.

sábado, 18 de enero de 2014

DCS: World WW2 1944 (II)

RRG Studios (antiguos creadores de Il-2 y Il-2 CoD) continuan el desarrollo de este añadido para DCS: World ambientado en el desembarco de Normandia. Su ultimo update, el 25:

DCS: WW2 update


Good evening gentlemen!
We are finally getting back to business after the long Russian holidays.
As I mentioned in my last update, most of the team members were off from December 31st to January 10th, and the calendar being what it is, most did not get back to work until January 13th.
I have used this time to take some much-needed rest myself, spending lots of time with my children, and finally getting lots of sleep. Normally, I work on Moscow time all the way from California with an 11-hour time difference, starting my workday at 10 PM, then converting to single dad mode by 7 am. That makes eight hours of sleep in a single block, well, something out a fairy tale for me.

Anyway, I thought it would be best to begin 2014 with our most important single task from 2013, the highlight of our kickstarter drive, the cockpit for the Me.262.

Unlike most other team members, the two-man crew working on this pit worked through the holidays. With that kind of a work ethic, coupled with doubling up on projects that are usually made single-handedly, these DCS heroes are doing an amazing job staying ahead of schedule and producing consistently stellar quality work. They make the rest of the tasks look bad in comparison, but of course, the overall number of working hours for their cockpits is about the same as for the others. It’s just they need half the calendar time to do the same amount of work.

That concludes this week’s update. Please stay tuned for more next Friday!

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DCS: World Beczl Mig-21Bis (I)

En el dia de hoy, ha aparecido un nuevo video soble el Mig-21Bis de Beczl, este es un creador hungaro que está realizando este aparato para el simulador DCS: World. En el video de Youtube, podemos ver la puesta en marcha, el carreteo y el despegue asistido por cohetes JATO de este mitico aparato de la guerra fria

Startup and Takeoff demo

martes, 14 de enero de 2014

DCS: World VEAO Bae Hawk (II)

Ya hay fecha de salida y precio para el Bae Hawk, será a finales de febrero, la versión traerá cabina clicleable y habrá dos versiones, una inicial a nivel de vuelo FC3 (39.99$) y un upgrade con AFM de +10$ (49.99$)

El anuncio oficial:
Hey guys,
I can't believe it's the middle of January already, this year is going to fly by, excuse the pun!!
Development of the Hawk is going very well and she is up and running in DCS World 1.2.7. with full weapons capability so all my stressing on that front is over, thank you ED!!!
This takes us to the next stage of development, BETA...yes you read that correctly
We have a small group of public testers that will become the first closed Beta testers alongside our dedicated VEAO testers team. They will be testing all aircraft functions to make sure it's purring like a kitten and biting like a tiger.
Which will then move us to the next stage, hmmm I wonder what that one is, suggestions anyone??
Following a team discussion last night and pending any natural disasters, zombie outbreak, IPR lawyers putting the breaks on or Tango getting hit by a bus; we are pleased to make the following announcement.
Hawk Open Beta will be released as an FC3 level aircraft with fully clickable cockpit before the end of February 2014!!
Confused? yes we thought you might be so please let me clarify.
We are still working on the AFM, in fact that's going very slowly so we will be releasing the open Beta version of the Hawk as an FC3 level aircraft (as it doesn't have AFM) but it will have the fully clickable cockpit as some of you have got used to in the public alpha release.
Should you not wish to use the clickable cockpit, we are looking at an option to turn that off/on.
Now some of you may argue that this is in fact a DCS level aircraft because of the fidelity of the systems and clickable cockpit but we felt that without AFM it would be unjust to call it DCS level.
So do we call it DCS:Hawk or simply Hawk or something else. We think in line with ED's FC3 products we will simply call it T.1A Trainer to differentiate this version from the full DCS AFM version.
Costings; well we have considered the cost of standard FC3 aircraft add-ons and cost of DCS level add-ons (current and future) and have taken a decision as it will come with fully clickable cockpit functionality.
The product will cost $39.99 and when we have the AFM version ready for release there will be a $10 upgrade charge should you wish to go for that.
Final DCS:Hawk product will be $49.99
We feel that is reasonably priced for what you will get in this version which is basically everything you would expect in a DCS level fidelity aircraft apart from AFM.
By releasing the aircraft next month and taking sales it allows us to further invest in the AFM programming. As you know I have fully funded development over the past few years but further investment is required and this is the best way to do it. We get investment and you get to fly the product, win win on both sides.
To clarify; this will be a paid-for BETA version. Some things will not be implemented fully yet and we will make it very clear at the time of selling what is included and what is still left to be completed.
Thank you again for all of your support and interest in our products.
Chris and the VEAO team.
Also please note that past competition winners will receive the FC3 Hawk and the upgrade to DCS:Hawk when it's available.

DCS: World: VEAO Eurofighter (II)

VAEO comienza a trabajar en el armamento del EuroFighter:


I like to call this one "Rifle...pickle...fox..."

DCS: BO-105 PAH-1A1

Pido muchas disculpas a los seguidores. Llevo cuatro meses sin publicar en el Blog (pero si en otros sitios), culpa mia.

El tema de DCS: World sigue adelante, llevo siguiendo desde hace tiempo un nuevo proyecto de helicoptero esta preparándose para este simulador. En este caso es el helicoptero de factura alemans BO-105 PAH-1, que se suele ver en españa en manos de la Guardia Civil y estaba en servicio en la FAMET, aqui va la noticia:


Last picture before she get it's texture  I know she actually should have her skin but I only have time in the evening to cradle her