jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

Project 133 Antarets PCF [Muravey] class Form

Project 133 Antarets PCF [Muravey] class

Basic Ship Data:
Displacement: 220 full
In class: ?
In Service 1983-1989
Acoustic Counterm: None
Electronic Counterm: 2nd Gen J
ESM: 2nd Gen
Propulsion: Diesel
Crew: 40
Size class: VSmall
Signature Class: VSmall/Noisy

Advance per 45º turn: (Speed lost)
Standard rudder: 200 yards (2)
Hard rudder: 100 yards (3)
Accel/Tac Turn from 0-50% Max Speed 15
Accel/Tac Turn from 51-100% Max Speed 8
Deceleration/Tac from any speed 12

Garpun [Plank Shave A]
Cheese Cake
MG-329 [Foal Tail/Stork Tail]

F(1)1 AK-176 76mm/59//1 MR-123 Vympel [Bass Tilt]
PB/SB(1)2 TT v/1 SET-72
A(R)1 AK-640 30mm/54 w/15 Bursts//1 MR-123 Vympel [Bass Tilt]
A(1)1 AGS-17 30mm GL
A(4)1 Igla [Sa-N-8] w/4 Gremlin (2)
2 DC Rail w/6 B-1 DC

12 manual reloads carried for igla. Single Bympel with F arc direts both AK-176 and AK-630 at same target

Damage and speed Breakdown:
Dam Pts: 0/3/5/8/9/10
Surf Speed: 40/30/20/10/0/Sinks