lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

Clash of Arms news..!!!

Clash of Arms announces make price reductions in some articles in some Admiralty Trilogy serie products /Clash of Arms anuncia una bajada de precios en algunos articulos de la serie Admiralty Trilogy.

Sea of DragonsNow $35.00 (down 30%!)

Convoy/Deadly Waters: Now $35.00 (down nearly 30%)

Baltic ArenaNow $25.00 (down nearly 30%)
Harpoon Naval Review 2003Now $21.00 (down 30%)

Mighty MidgetsNow $21.00 (down 30%)

Harpoon4 RulesNow $9.95 (down 54%)
Some interesting, Harpoon4 rules of Harpoon Naval Review or Sea of Dragons, and others no expected with Convoy/Deadly Waters. More news in Clash of Arms site
Algunos interesantes. reglas de harpoon4, el Harpoon Naval Review o Sea of Dragons, y otros no esperados como Convoy/Deadly Waters. Mas noticias en el site de Clash of Arms

References / Referencias
Clash of Arm site: here/aqui