martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

F-22A Raptor Form

Form actualizado para los anexos de H4 / Update Form for H4 annex

F-22A Raptor Fighter
Man Rtng: 6.0/3.5
Damage Value: 30
Size/Signature: Small/Stealthy
Bombsight: Advanced
Counterm: 3rd Gen J&D
Inflight Refuel: Y/B

APG-77 radar, 3rd Gen ESM. Fitted with Inflight LPI datalink, allows two aircraft to share data, Link 16 receive only.

Throttle Setting (Speed in knots)
Altitude Cruise Full Mil Reheat
Low: 650 650 792
Med: 700 813 970
High: 807 975 1147

Ceiling: 18288 meters
Engine Type: TF
Cruise Range: 1800 nm
Int Fuel: 8323 kg
Additional Fuel Fuel Wt. Range Add.
600 USG drop tank 1852 kg 400 nm

Ordnance Loadouts:
Payload: 9100 kg
Off Guns: M61 20mm Vulcan w/480 rds (3.9)
-2xAIM-9M or AIM-9X Sidewinder in two small internal bays (all configurations)
-6xAIM-120C AMRAAM internally
-2xAIM-120C, 2xGBU-32 JDAM internally
-2xAIM-120C, 8xSmall Diameter Bombs internally
-2x600 USG tanks, 4xAIM-120C/AIM-9X externally
-4x600 USG drop tanks externally (ferry loadout)

In Service: Dec 05
-Sep 02: Redesignated F/A-22 Raptor.
-2005: Fitted with AIM-120C-7
-Dec 2005: Redesignated F-22A Raptor.