martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

Typhoon F.2 Fighter Form

Version Inglesa del EFA Typhoon / UK Typhoon EFA
Typhoon F.2 Fighter

Man Rtng: 5.5/3.0
Damage Value: 31
Size/Signature: Small/VSmall
Bombsight: Advanced
Counterm: 3rd Gen J&D
Inflight Refuel: Y/D

CAPTOR radar, RWR/3rd Gen ESM. HMS linked to PIRATE 4th Gen FLIR/IRST, MIDS (Link 16).

Throttle Setting (Speed in knots)
Altitude Cruise Full Mil Reheat
Low: 480 650 792
Med: 480 726 969
High: 480 803 1147
Ceiling: 16765 meters
Engine Type: TF
Cruise Range: 1090/1015 nm
Int Fuel: 4560/4250 kg
Additional Fuel Fuel Wt. Range Add.
1000 L drop tank 800 kg 190 nm

Ordnance Loadouts:
Payload: 7500 kg
Off Guns: 1 Mauser BK27 27mm w/150 rds (2.5)
-Can carry 4xAIM-120 and 2xAIM-9L/ASRAAM in all loadouts.
-3x1000 L drop tanks, additional 2xAIM-120
-3x1000 L drop tanks, 4xEPWII(UK) or 4xALARM 2 or 6xPaveway IV
-3x1000 L drop tanks, 2xALARM 2, 2xEPWII(UK) or 4xPaveway IV or 6xBrimstone
-1x1000 L drop tank, 2xStorm Shadow, 4xALARM 2
-1x1000 L drop tank, 2xEPWIII, 2xEPWII(UK), 2xALARM 2

In Service: 2007
Range and fuel for single seat F.2 and two seat T.1.
Paveway IV loadout estimated.
Fitted with 27mm cannon for ballast only - RAF will not use the gun operationally and have not purchased ammunition or ground support equipment.
-Squadrons (16 aircraft each): No 29(R) OCU (Jul 05), No 3 (Mar 07), No 11 (2007), No 6 (2007), further 3 in 2009; No 29(R) OCU with 10 T.1, 6 F.2; No 17(R) EOU with 9 aircraft and 95 in reserve. Coningsby (No 29(R), 3, 11), Leuchars (No 6). Possibly all multi-role by 2011.
-Weapons: AIM-120B, AIM-9L (2006); ASRAAM (2007); AIM- 120C5, EPWII(UK), 20 Litening III tgt pod vice CL 1000 L drop tank (Jul 08); ALARM 2, EPWIII (2010); Brimstone, Storm Shadow, Paveway IV, Meteor vice AIM-120 (2012)
-mid-07: 6 a/c operational in QRA with AIM-120C5, ASRAAM.
-2007: FOC includes IRST, HMD, full EW/ESM including MAWS, laser warning.