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DCS: World WW2 1944

Hace unos dias coloque el comienzo del KickStarter de DCS: World WW2, pues en estos dias ha superado   50% (51.354$) de los requisitos minimos para su financiación.

Mientras, el encargado del projecto de luthier, nos pone un nuevo ladrillazo de noticias. En este hay dos cosas interesantes, la primera, que esta pensando mover hacia arriba el B-17 y crear un detallado mapa de las costa sur inglesa (en plan de realizar misiones de bombarderos), y que trae los diferentes nuevos videos que se iran poniendo a lo largo del KickStarter (reconoce que el video tres devería haberlo colocado antes del segundo), aun asi los videos 3 y 4 en mi opinión serán los mas esperados por la comunidad:
I'm starting to think we might need to shuffle things about a little bit.
We'll try to change the immediate next stretch goal, and make it a flyable B-17 and British airfields. Move all other stretch goal aircraft one tier up.
We'll talk this over and have a decision for you within a day or two.
Also going to work on adding some more attractive backer rewards.
Oh trust me, I'm very familiar with southern England :)
RRG does not currently have a dedicated AI programmer.
We could theoretically look into hiring one for this project, which would probably give us tons and tons of cool stuff over the course of the project, but I really don't know how to budget for that. We're already pretty far out there for a stretch goal. I'm kind of cautious about adding too many tiers or too many options. If I add, for example, and intermediate "improved AI" stretch goal, all as a part of all additional stretch goals, that might turn off some other people, and make it seem like the aircraft they really want are too far away.
ED has programmers too, of course. We however do not have a current plan for AI improvement.
No clue at this point. (a una pregunta si la IA podrá ver a travez de las nubes en EDGE, el nuevo motor grafico en desarrollo de Eagle Dinamics para DCS: World)
This new video is basically introduction part 2. Nick Grey is a hugely important part of this project, but it felt like putting him in the initial video made everything way too long.
It's also not about passion but about our relationship with TFC. This has immediate, direct, and unique impact on the product. We have access to the actual aircraft and the actual pilot. That's not sentimentality or small talk at all. These are the precise reasons why DCS: P-51 is the best prop simulation available today.
I have another talk video all put together, which I foolishly planned to release as video 3, but I realized the error of my ways while uploading video 2 this morning. Video 3[b] will be a detailed look at EDGE[/b]. Video 4 [b]will be a detailed overview of aircraft modeling in DCS[/b]. Video 5 will be a video QnA, and then video 6 will probably be the thing I planned for Video 3.
I also have to point out that it's all just me. I write the scripts, I direct, I shoot, I edit, I release, I discuss. I don't have a marketing staff, anything like that. I'm learning as I go. Hopefully I can do enough to reach at least one stretch goal in the next 30 days. Please don't let the fact that I'm not a marketing professional or a filmmaker influence your opinion of myself as a game developer!
El video que se refiere es este:

DCS: World VEAO Bae Hawk (I)

Importante update, el Bae Hawk puede pasar a Limited Beta en Septiembre por tiempo limitado y tambien un numero limitado de licencias. Ademas VEAO parece de haber solucionado los problemas con la cabina de la 1.2.5 (Se habla de un Cockpit API). Tambien hay indicios de que podamos ver algo parecido a los updates que ha hecho Beczl en su Mig-21bis en el Bae Hawk.
Dev diary update time.
We had a very successful weekend at Duxford and thanks to all of you out there that popped by to say hi. Sorry if I didn't have time to talk to you all it was rather busy.
Thanks to ED for releasing the 1.2.6 patch on Thursday. Although we did have to unpack the 3 pc's from the 2 cars to patch them it meant we had a working Hawk in 1.2.6.
We had a lot of interest in the Hawk (I think the Red Arrows being there helped that) and I gave a little sneak peak to a select few of the Typhoon 3d model re-work which went down very well.
Thanks again to The Fighter Collection for having us and to ED for flying Yo-Yo over to support us not just with him being there but to bring the banner and brochures they had printed up all the way from Moscow with him. As always a pleasure talking to him.
So, on to development....
Well we had a few months of hair pulling, late night coding, chasing bugs and generally going crazy to get the cockpit working in 1.2.5 but to no avail.
Thanks for all of the help ED gave us to get it working in 1.2.6 ready for the weekend and of course to Tango for surprising me on Saturday morning 1 hour before doors opening to say he had published a new Hawk patch before he left at 6am to drive down to Duxford for the day. Yes I was jumping about the hangar with joy like a little girl!!!
And man does she fly beautifully in 1.2.6, even with wing tip vapour and grunting noises when pulling 6g loops
Coding Update
In terms of the cockpit functions we're about 95% completed and just waiting for the API's from ED to tie some of our systems like radios and full weapons into the sim.
All of the aircraft systems logic like electrical, hydraulic, etc. are completed and currently tied into the SFM model.
Model Update
As you can see from the screenshots in the eye candy forums Crow has done a big update on the cockpit model and skins. They are still WIP but you can see a massive amount has been done and truly amazing work.
You can even see a little sneak peak through a frame cutout of the rear cockpit and switches in there.
Yes we are working on dual cockpit's and although single player seat switching will likely be in release, multiplayer dual control is down to ED to code so we'll have to wait for that. But we'll be ready when they get it implemented.
Short Term Goals
Let's talk about short term goals and the interesting bit for you.
Here is what we are aiming to release at the end of September:
Multiplayer Module Beta
This will allow you to install certain Hawk files onto your PC so that if you join a public server that has a Hawk flying in it, you will see the Hawk external model.
This will be patched as and when we carry out and test updates to our base model and add new skins, AFM, Weapons, etc.
The purpose of the module is to ensure full compatibility with DCS when flying on public servers.
At the moment if you join a server with Hawk flying you will see a default SU-25.
The module will be free of charge.
There will be no cockpit files included, it is just the external model and skin files.
Now I'm sure some clever people out there will make it flyable with another cockpit (for research purposes of course) and that's fine if you want to do that. We will obviously not support those modules if they get released publicly.
We may, in the future, include certain cockpit files so you can enter the Hawk and look at the pretty cockpit but you won't be able to fly it unless you purchase an activation code and licence key. We are still discussing this concept.
Come and fly the Hawk for free
The guys at Virtual Aerobatics will be providing a long weekend session, or maybe a week if it goes well, of Hawk being included in their server mission.
We will be giving away 30 full copies of DCS:Hawk with a time limited licence for you to try out over that weekend.
This is your chance to give us valuable feedback on what you think of our product before you buy it. Also to give the community some feedback on what you think of it rather than us telling you it's awesome.
Details on how to get an activation code will be given out soon and we'll do a little trivia competition next week for that one. Easy answers to find on Google kind of thing.
If any squads out there would like to run a sqaud hosted session trying out the Hawk, please send me a PM for details and we can discuss it further. I know some of you are very interested in it.
Now the licence keys when registered are tied to your machine, so you can't give them out to friends and they will be a limited licence key, probably to 15 or 30 days to give you enough time to play around with the Hawk in SP and MP.
Once that time period is up, you will still be able to sit in the cockpit but the jet won't function.
For the lucky 30 of you, you won't need the Multiplayer module as you will have the full product.
This is kind of an open beta so your feedback at that time will be very valuable as we move into the finishing stages of development and we will create a new forum section for the feedback.
We will probably run another event in October and December along the same lines.
DCS:Hawk Flight Manual
Obviously you will want to know how to fly the Hawk and what better way than to read the flight manual. This will be released along with the multiplayer and test modules and generally posted for all of you.
Again it's a work in progress and any suggestions are gratefully welcomed with a new feedback forum created.
Longer Term Goals
So, with obviously flying the Hawk or seeing it buzzing around the virtual sky in the coming weeks you are going to want to buy it.
We originally set the release date for before Christmas (with a few caveats) however with the few months delays we are currently evaluating when we can release the product.
Until we have the team meeting this week and then consult with TFC/ED on their side of things we can't set a date but as soon as we have it, I'll let you know.
I would love for you to be flying the Hawk ready for Christmas but I simply can't promise it.
And to recap we will be releasing the combat variant first with the aerobatic variant a few months later. They will be released as separate modules, each costed for separately but with an upgrade price if you buy one module later than the other.
We are still working on a suitable pricing structure and details will be announced when this is finalised.
I did previously state that if you bought the combat DCS:Hawk prior to the aerobatic module being released then you would get the aerobatic module free of charge up until release date. This still stands.
So that means if you buy the combat variant when we release it and before we release the aerobatic module you get both for the same total price. After releasing the aerobatic module you will need to buy both separately.
The aerobatic module has a slightly different cockpit and engine performance, smoke system and few other differences hence why the delay in releasing them together in one module.
So, I hope that has put a smile on your face and got you as excited as the team are when we fly the Hawk and I very much look forward to getting your feedback on our product.
Please feel free to ask any questions about the above.

DCS: World: VEAO Eurofighter (I)

Parece que hay novedades con la cabina del VEAO Eurofighter para DCS: World.

Se está trabajando en la implementación de los diferentes interructores de la cabina del Tiffie y esperan poner tanto videos como imagenes en unos dias.
I showed some people at Duxford the 3d model of the Typhoon cockpit. I'll post some pics in the next few days.
Work has started implementing the switch test code and I'll publish a video of that as I go along the process, as below.
Basically I'm currently going through the cockpit adding all the switch and dial helpers including all the animations for each switch and dial, that's pretty time consuming.
Then it's linking the sim to those helpers, again takes time.
At that point I hand it over to Tango to take over on all of the systems code; electrical, hydraulics, etc. as per schematics.
That's just to get all the basic aircraft systems coded. Then it's onto the MFCD (as you would know them as) logic.
You actually start the Typhoon Engines with 4 switches, the rest is all done by computer on the screens.
For now, all the rest of the team are working on getting the Hawk over the line.
I know you guys want Tiffy, as do I but this one's gonna be a while yet.

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Hoy a comenzado otro KickStarter interesante relacionado con DCS: World, en este se está pidiendo fondos para la realización de una añadido basado en la segunda guerra mundial:

Mas información en el banner adjunto: