martes, 10 de septiembre de 2013

DCS: World WW2 1944

Hace unos dias coloque el comienzo del KickStarter de DCS: World WW2, pues en estos dias ha superado   50% (51.354$) de los requisitos minimos para su financiación.

Mientras, el encargado del projecto de luthier, nos pone un nuevo ladrillazo de noticias. En este hay dos cosas interesantes, la primera, que esta pensando mover hacia arriba el B-17 y crear un detallado mapa de las costa sur inglesa (en plan de realizar misiones de bombarderos), y que trae los diferentes nuevos videos que se iran poniendo a lo largo del KickStarter (reconoce que el video tres devería haberlo colocado antes del segundo), aun asi los videos 3 y 4 en mi opinión serán los mas esperados por la comunidad:
I'm starting to think we might need to shuffle things about a little bit.
We'll try to change the immediate next stretch goal, and make it a flyable B-17 and British airfields. Move all other stretch goal aircraft one tier up.
We'll talk this over and have a decision for you within a day or two.
Also going to work on adding some more attractive backer rewards.
Oh trust me, I'm very familiar with southern England :)
RRG does not currently have a dedicated AI programmer.
We could theoretically look into hiring one for this project, which would probably give us tons and tons of cool stuff over the course of the project, but I really don't know how to budget for that. We're already pretty far out there for a stretch goal. I'm kind of cautious about adding too many tiers or too many options. If I add, for example, and intermediate "improved AI" stretch goal, all as a part of all additional stretch goals, that might turn off some other people, and make it seem like the aircraft they really want are too far away.
ED has programmers too, of course. We however do not have a current plan for AI improvement.
No clue at this point. (a una pregunta si la IA podrá ver a travez de las nubes en EDGE, el nuevo motor grafico en desarrollo de Eagle Dinamics para DCS: World)
This new video is basically introduction part 2. Nick Grey is a hugely important part of this project, but it felt like putting him in the initial video made everything way too long.
It's also not about passion but about our relationship with TFC. This has immediate, direct, and unique impact on the product. We have access to the actual aircraft and the actual pilot. That's not sentimentality or small talk at all. These are the precise reasons why DCS: P-51 is the best prop simulation available today.
I have another talk video all put together, which I foolishly planned to release as video 3, but I realized the error of my ways while uploading video 2 this morning. Video 3[b] will be a detailed look at EDGE[/b]. Video 4 [b]will be a detailed overview of aircraft modeling in DCS[/b]. Video 5 will be a video QnA, and then video 6 will probably be the thing I planned for Video 3.
I also have to point out that it's all just me. I write the scripts, I direct, I shoot, I edit, I release, I discuss. I don't have a marketing staff, anything like that. I'm learning as I go. Hopefully I can do enough to reach at least one stretch goal in the next 30 days. Please don't let the fact that I'm not a marketing professional or a filmmaker influence your opinion of myself as a game developer!
El video que se refiere es este: