domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

DCS: World Beczl Mig-21Bis (II)

Mas datos del desarrollo del Mig-21Bis
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I just gotta ask, if you've actually sorted out your issues within the team, what's up with almost every single YT film of your module still being set to private?
Surely you understand why that isn't exactly incredibly trust inspiring, or why it doesn't make sense? I can hardly imagine there being some complex bureaucratic process behind making YT films public.
The account those videos were posted under is deprecated following the internal structural changes.
The MiG-21 is a completely different aircraft from the time of those videos. Almost every single line of code and every piece of artwork has been replaced or changed in some way. 
They are not representative of anything anymore. This of course does not include the latest startup video that was posted.
We will be posting new videos soon.

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