domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

DCS: World Update (VIII)

¿Eagle Dinamic se plantea trabajar en un DCS: M1A2?, veremos a ver a que sucede.
Dear all,
We are looking for detailed information on the M1A2, preferably SEP update, to include:
1- Commander's independent thermal viewer (CITV) with second-generation thermal imager, commander's display for digital colour terrain maps for IVIS.
2- DRS Technologies second-generation GEN II TIS thermal imaging gunner's sight.
3- Inter-Vehicle Information System (IVIS.) The IVIS system allows for the automatic and continual exchange of information between vehicles. By incorporating information provided by an on board Position/Navigation (POSNAV) system, unit commander's can track the location and progress of subordinate elements automatically, without tasking vehicle crews. In addition enemy positions can be identified, plotted and disseminated, while reports and artillery requests can be automatically formatted, transmitted, and processed. Lastly, map graphic control measures and operational orders can be rapidly distributed via the IVIS system.
4- Complete and detailed description of the driver control system and driver's integrated display and thermal management system.
5- Detailed functional description of all commander, gunner and driver control panels.
6- Detailed and complete photography of inside commander, gunner, loader, and driver areas. 
- Note, please do not just link to items found on Google. Been there, done that.
If you feel you have unique data that is NOT classified, pleas drop me a PM. We may also be looking for M1A2 SMEs.