domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

DCS: World VEAO Bae Hawk (V)

El VEAO Hawk se retrasa por cuestiónes de derechos de autor con Bae, esperemos que solucionen.
Dear All,
Here is the current situation with the Hawk anticipated release date for the end of February.
We are still in discussion with BAE regarding the IPR licence agreement of using the Hawk name, shape and functionality of the aircraft. This has taken longer than expected and will put us past the anticipated February release date.
There are also some fundamental changes coming in DCS World 1.2.8. that benefit all 3rd party developers and you, the pilots flying our mods. 
We feel that given the delay on the IPR issue, we can benefit from these changes in 1.2.8 and want to make full use of them to give you a better product.
Therefore; release of the Hawk will be delayed until the IPR issue is resolved and DCS World 1.2.8. has been released to the public.
We would like to thank you for your continued support and patience on the Hawk project and look forward to seeing you flying Hawk around in DCS soon.
Chris and the VEAO team

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