domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

Oculus Rift en DCS: W

Llegan mas noticias de la integración del Oculus Rift en DCS: World
So, I got permission for Oculus to say a bit more...
Both myself and the team in Moscow have the HD Prototypes that are 1080P. (1920x1080)
Split to 960x1080 per eye. It also has reduced latency. This version already provides a much better experience than the DK1 with 640x800 per eye (split).
Alex has been working with it the last week and we already have DCS up and running on the Rift to include:
Head tracking
Re-centering hot key
Automatic Rift detection
Stereo 3D
Fixed HUD projection for 3D
In-mission GUI
Using Rift for view control in Replays
F2 view working with Rift control
Adjustments for distortion and chromatic aberration
More to still do, but things are shaping up well.

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