domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

DCS: Belsimtek F-15C AFM (I)

El patrocinador Belsimtek nos da nueva información sobre el desarrollo del AFM (Advanced Flight Model / Model de vuelo avanzado) para el F-15C de FC-3, esperemos que Belsimtek nos pueda sorprender con un modulo "hardcore" en el futuro. Mientras hay muchas interesantes cuestiones en el desarrollo de este AFM que podría dar lugar a mejoras en futuros aparatos de la serie.
BelSimTek Nearing Completion of F-15C Advanced Flight and Engine Models
The original F-15C flight model currently featured in DCS was developed over a decade ago and represents an earlier generation of simulation technology. Despite demonstrating generally correct aerodynamic performance under normal flight conditions and providing great gameplay, current user expectations, available computer power, and developer expertise demand a higher level of fidelity. As a result, a comprehensive advanced flight model of the primary U.S. jet fighter, the F-15C Eagle, has been under development for DCS.
The complete aerodynamics model accounts for mass, force, and moment interactions of the aircraft’s elements as subjected to airflow. Unlike the previous model, which regarded the aircraft as a single point of focus, the new flight model consists of individual aircraft elements carefully tuned to reflect their unique aerodynamic characteristics and joined together to determine the sum vector of the airframe’s momentum.
Over a year a hard work has gone into the development of this model and now it is finally ready for initial external testing. The primary element of the new model is accurate aerodynamic performance that closely matches the characteristics of the real F-15C Eagle throughout the flight envelope, including in critical angles of attack, stalls, and spins. Maneuverability characteristics are also correctly modeled throughout the flight envelope, providing accurate performance in acceleration, available sustained G, maximum airspeeds, maximum altitudes and other characteristics.
Of course even real aircraft differ somewhat from their documented performance characteristics due to slight individual variability, but we have made every effort to ensure you are truly immersed in the experience of driving – without a doubt – one of the best fighters of the 20th century.
In addition to the aerodynamics model, the flight model includes a new engine model, based on the F100-PW-220 engine with increased dry and afterburner thrust. The model accounts for inverted and negative G flight effects and features a special afterburner component model. The flight model also includes a new fuel system model as well as nosewheel steering and wheel brake component models.
Special attention was paid to accurately recreate the design of the F-15C flight control system, including Pitch Ratio control adjusted for airspeed and altitude, Aileron/Rudder Interconnect (ARI), Control Augmentation System (CAS), Attitude and Altitude autopilots, and the Pitch Trim Compensator (PTC).
The new model significantly improves the entire flying experience, making special flight conditions like air to air refueling, landing, and edge of the envelope flying far more dynamic, exciting, and even more challenging. Straight and level flight no longer feels like “flying on rails” while maneuvering flight provides a sensation of the power and control in your hands.
At this stage of development, we can confidently provide a highly accurate aerodynamics model of the F-15C accompanied by a partly reproduced systems model.
The estimated release date of the new flight model for F-15C Eagle DCS module is late March, 2014.

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