domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

DCS: Mig-21Bis (II)

Otro update de LeatherNeck Studios, en este nos da un pequeño update del armamento que veremos en el Mig-21Bis.
OK, it's late, I'm still awake, just finished few things with Mike /Rudel/.
I have few minutes for update - not a fancy one /I have low-end PC, no fancy screens.../.
In latest set of weapons tests, Roland and I implemented 3 pods available for RU planes: GUV-7800 G, GUV-7800 M and UPK-23-250. Note that I have never saw 21Bis with any of these.
Most integrated weapon is UPK-23-250. Really impressive thing and closest to MiG-21Bis weapon system. I really recommend that one instead of 7800M. It has 2xGsh 23mm guns /which is the same gun 21 have/ and can pack serious punch. Besides, it fits the ASP natively. Pure Eagle weapon, no tweaks or "guessed" stuff. UPK will come with 21 for sure, well see about other things /more integration and tests needed... time?/.
I have no screens at the moment, sorry. Mike might fire few rounds for you if he has some time tomorrow.
As for the Kh-66, it's done also. You will have difficulties with this weapon, although it is a fun and a challenge to use it. Ill tell you just one thing that will create a lot of problems: asymmetric load after one missile is fired. Asymmetric load for heavy payload is not allowed on 21.
However, once you get in the cockpit it will be your problem. At the moment it is ours. You'll have to discover other problems and realize why weapon development went the other way.
We only need to integrate new Kh control box although it could be used even without it.
(Note: screens here are 3 days old, that's all I have at the moment.)