miércoles, 19 de marzo de 2014

DCS: Mig-21Bis (III)

El Manual del modulo del Mig-21Bis está en progreso.

About the manual
Lot of people asked similar questions: will it be available in their language, how does it relate to original 21 manual, is it near completion etc.
Since we are making 21Bis mod for DCSW, there are differences between simulated 21Bis and real 21Bis (as you must have noted so far). Therefore, the only relevant document for DCS MiG-21Bis will be its manual. This does not prevent you from using any other document you might have, but DCSW MiG-21Bis will be what’s written in its manual.
Manual is near completion, still, I have to write and illustrate missing parts concerning recently added features, most notably new weapon use and complex navigation subsection (e.g. radials interception with RSBN). Note that manual can be finished after we finish everything else (e.g we need finished internal/external model and textures for manual illustrations). Before we conclude it (“lock” it), it has to be approved by Eagle.
Manual in your language? Absolutely.
Once concluded in English, manual will be available for translation to anything community can provide. Document containing the detailed “call for translators” will be presented here on time. Translations that satisfy required standards, quality and are delivered in time will be included in official release. Other translations (rejected, late, partial etc.) can still be presented to community here or elsewhere to support local players, but will not be included in release.