martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

DCS: Mig-21Bis (IV)

Mini Update de Leatherneck Simulations sobre los progresos en el futuro Mig-21Bis. Interesante recalcar que este comunicado se habla de que se han producido avances apreciables en el desarrollo, y que es muy posible que ya esté en un estado de cercano a "Beta". Mi apreciación es que salvo sorpresa, no lo veamos para la versión 1.2.8 de DCS: World, sino para la siguiente, la 1.2.9, a menos que haya una sorpresa. Aun así, este añadido es muy esperado por la comunidad, esperemos que estos ultimos pasos que parece que le quedan sean lo mas rapido posible.
We're all hard at work behind the scenes, hence the slight gap in structured information. We've been aiming at providing you with a more "meaty" update, but hopefully this stop-gap measure will provide a small measure of relief until that one is completely ready.
Every feature and system that is required for release is now implemented.
All of these components are undergoing testing and iteration, to make sure everything is working as intended.
In the past few weeks we have also replaced several legacy components, including a full overhaul of the weapons and their definitions. (See weapons thread)
The AFM has been finished for several months.
Essentially -- we are preparing the aircraft for testing and approval.
We've made considerable progress in mission and campaign construction, including tutorial missions. These are going to be voice-acted in the next few days. Another critical learning component: the manual, will soon reach its' final iteration, at which point we can initiate localizated translations.
Art-wise; -Rudel- is now working on the last, and final, exterior component of the aircraft, which is the tail and vertical/horizontal stabilisers.
Livery creation is in full swing on already completed parts. Stencils (decals) have proved to be a major timesink.
We're recreating these in multiple languages, as several countries had localized ones.
In the past few weeks we've also completely overhauled the art of roughly 60% of our custom weapon models and textures.
Apart from the aforementioned; all other art is ready for release.
Hopefully this gives you a small overview of the state of the aircraft,
and we look forward to sharing much more with you in the coming update.

Thank you for your patience and support,
Leatherneck Simulations

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