domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

DCS: World: RAZBAM T-2 BuckEye (II)

Nuevo update del desarrollo del T-2 de RAZBAM
Hey all, since the T-2 updates have slowed a bit, I figured that would justify more detailed updates within their own separate thread to keep updates more organized. so here goes...
I'm just the flight model and system coder so no new eye candy, unfortunately all my stuff is under the hood. 
1. Now that we have branched into multiple projects at a time, I am reworking the entire code structure to be even more modular than before. I did a little bit of this before but I'm breaking everything up even further so that common code elements can be dropped in across airframe models relatively easily. This is taking a bit of time but hopefully will save time in the long run
2. Matured some of the systems models to include engine, hydraulics, and landing gear. The code structure has been developed for the electrical system and I hope to try integrating some of the example radio code to try that out as well. I also hope to improve the weapons coding a bit. I'm also making small tweaks and improvements as I learn more about the SDK.
3. The flight model is pretty solidified. Once I get the engine model a little better I can start doing performance comparisons to the spec. I've done very minor spot tests and they look really good.
I know many of you were under the assumption that because other projects were being worked on, that the T-2 is completely dropped but that is not the case at all!
Back to work