domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

IL-102 Form

El presente form esta basado en la informacion disponible en las paginas de internet tanto rusas como occidentales. El aparato seria muy interesante de ser usado en un escenario hipotetico en el frente central (3GM).
The present form has make based in the available info in the russian and occidental internet web pages. That aircraft has very interesting to used in a hipotetical scenery in the central front (WW3)

Ilyushin il-102

In Service: None
Gun Atk: 3.3(1.1)
Man Rtng: 3.0/1.5
Damage Value: 31 (13000^(1/3)*1.5^(1/2)*1*1.2=21.54*1.22*1*1.2=31.54)
Size/Signature: Small/Small
Bombsight: Ballistic
Counterm: 2nd Gen D
Inflight Refuel: None
Sensors: RWR, LRMTS, Klen-PS Laser Designator

Throttle Setting (Speed in knots)
Altitude Cruise Full Mil Reheat
Low: 460 590 --
Med: 460 665 --
High: 460 750 --

Ceiling: 10000 m Engine Type: TF
Cruise Range: 539 nm Int Fuel: 3700 kg
Additional Fuel Fuel Wt. Range Add.
PTB-800 drop tank 640kg 125 nm
PTB-1150 drop tank 920kg 175 nm

Ordnance Loadouts:
Payload: 7200 kg
Off Guns: 1 GSh-30-2 G
Def Guns: 1 GSh-23-L
  • Can carry 6 FAB-100 o FAB-250 internaly in all loadouts
  • 8(10) FAB-500 or 10(12) FAB-250 or 32(40) FAB-100
  • 8(10) RBK-500 or 10(12) RBK-250
  • 8(10) KAB-500
  • 8(10) KMGU
  • 2 PTB-1150, 6(7) PTB-800 (ferry)
  • 8(9) Kh-23 [AS-7] or kh-25 [AS-10] or S-25L
  • 2(3) kh-29 [AS-14] or kh-58 [AS-11]
  • 6(7) UV-32-57 or S-8 or S-13 rockets pods
  • 8(9) S-24 or S-25 rockets pods
  • 8(9) UPK-250 or 2(3) SPPU-2
  • 6 R-60M [AA-8] or AA-11
Armored w/12.7mm, crew 2, pilot in forward cockpit and gunner in aft cockpit. GSH-30-2 can depress to ground attack. GSh-30-2 can be dismount and fitted with two internal supports for additional weapons

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