sábado, 18 de septiembre de 2010

BGM-34C Form

Este form esta basado en informacion de internet y la wikipedia. Combustible interno y el alcance de los tanques lanzables especulativo, es un form no oficial hasta que pueda ser constractado con fuentes mas fidelignas.
This form is based in internet info, internal fuel and drop tank range speculative, unoficial until can math with objetive sources.

In Service: 0 [3?]

Gun Atk: None
Man Rtng: 1.0/0.5
Damage Value: 15 (3750^(1/3)*1^(1/2)*1*1=15.11*1*1*1=15.11)
Size/Signature: Small/Small
Bombsight: Ballistic
Counterm: None
Inflight Refuel: None
Sensors: See Remarks

Throttle Setting (Speed in knots)
Altitude Cruise Full Mil Reheat
Low: 420 560 --
Med: 420 560 --
High: 420 560 --

Ceiling: 15000 m Engine Type: TF
Cruise Range: 725 nm Int Fuel: 1500? kg

Additional Fuel Fuel Wt. Range Add.
36 USG drop tank 247kg 123nm

Ordnance Loadouts:
Payload: 1080 kg

Off Guns: None
Def Guns: None

  • 2 AN/ALE-2 Chaff Pods or 2 AN/ALE-38 Chaff Pod 
  • 2 mk-82/Snakeye
  • 2 GBU-8/9/12 
  • 2 AGM-65A/B 
  • 4 Sismic Sensors 
  • 2 Ilumination bombs 
Remarks: Drone, Program and Radio control guiadance, 4 hard point under winds. Air and Land launched. Modular Nose:
  • Attack Version: EO (DN, DN) camera, Laser designator, Rangefinger
  • ECM Version: Offensive Jammer 1st Gen
  • Recon Version: EO (DN, DL) Camera
Rob Debie Web page: (aqui/here)
US Designation page: (aqui/here)