viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

CGH-67 Crucero de Batalla/ Battlecrusier Form

Este form esta basado en la única imagen disponible del proyecto y el nombre viene dado por el gran cañón y el estado de la union, centrado en las montañas rocosas. Todas las configuraciones son hipotéticas, y se considera no oficial hasta que pueda conseguir alguna información actualizada de dicho proyecto. Aun así, dicho buque es muy interesante de participar en un escenario ASW o de escolta de convoy.
This form is based on the only image available from the project and the name comes from the Grand Canyon and the state of the union, centered in the Rocky Mountains. All settings are hypothetical and are considered unofficial until it can get some updated information about the project. Still, the ship is very interesting to participate in a scenario ASW escort or convoy.

Colorado CGH class
Basic Ship Data:
Displacement: 16000 full
In class: ?
In Service ?
Acoustic Counterm: 2nd Gen Twd
Electronic Counterm: 3rd Gen J&D
Electronic Support: 3rd Gen
Propulsion: COGAG/CPP
Crew: 650
Size class: B/Medium
Signature Class: Medium/Quiet
Advance per 45º turn: (Speed lost)
Standard rudder: 300 yards (2)
Hard rudder: 200 yards (3)
Accel/Tac Turn from 0-50% Max Speed 15
Accel/Tac Turn from 51-100% Max Speed 8
Deceleration/Tac from any speed 18

SPS-67 J

SQS-56 M


F/A(1)2 Mk-45 mod1 127mm/70//1 SPY-1A & SPQ-9 C
P/S/A(R)3 Mk-15 Phalanx w/5 bursts C
F&A(148)1 Mk-41 VLS w/148 See Remarks//4 SPG-62 (20) D
PB/SB/PA/SA(1)4 MG 12,7mm MG C
PB/SB(3)2 Mk-32 324mm TT w/Mk-46 F
(4)1 Hangar w/4 MH-60R/S
(3)1 Aft Pad

Catamaran SWAT design. 6500Nm @ 16 kts. Multi-hull, special damage modifier of -10%
VLS weapons: Tomahawk, VLS Asroc, SM2MR Block III, SPS-67 control Mk-45, SPY-1A control VLS missiles
Aviation: Fitted with helicopter recovery system and dual stabilizers. Flight deck can spot two CH-53 or three SH-60B LAMPS III. Can also carry 2 OH-58B/AH-6/MH-6 vice 1 SH-60B. Fitted to HIFR (Helicopter in Flight Refueling).
NBC protection, All Steel construction. Fitted with Praire/Masker
Only conceptual design, never build. Name, Displacement, range, weapons, sensors and endurance speculative. Ideal to Hunter Killler ASW groups command ship or Convoy Leader

Damage and speed Breakdown:
Dam Pts: 0/81/161/242/290/322
Surf Speed: 32/24/16/8/0/Sinks