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Rockwell B-1R Bomber Form

El Rockwell B-1R, fue una propuesta de modernización para la flota de B-1Bs. Sus cambios externos incluian la adopcion de una cola en "V", nuevos motores Pratt & Whitney F119, los mismos motores que lleva el F-22, pero sin vectorización de empuje.

Los cambios internos incluian la adpcion de un radas APG-80, llevado por el F-16 Block60. Otro de los cambios incluia una actualización de la capacidad de armamento del bombardero, incluyendo misiles aire aire como el AIM-120 AMRAAM y dos contenedores de contramedidas electronicas AN/ALQ-99, como los llevados por el EA-6B Prowler o el EA-18G Growler.

Las prestaciones de este nuevo bombardeo le permitian mantener una velocidad de supercrucero durante el vuelo (Mach 2+). El proyecto no paso de las mesas de diseño
The Rockwell B-1R, was a proposal to modernize the fleet of B-1Bs. Its external changes included the adoption of a tail assembly "V", new Pratt & Whitney F119, the same engine that carries the F-22, but without thrust vectoring.

Internal changes included adpcion an APG-80 AESA radar, carried by the F-16 Block60. Another change included an update of the bomber's weapons capability, including air-air missiles like the AIM-120 AMRAAM and two electronic countermeasures AN/ALQ-99 containers, such as those carried by the
EA-6B Prowler and EA-18G Growler.

The benefits of this new bombing permitted him to maintain a speed of supercruise during flight (Mach 2 +) with a reduction of 20% of its maximum range. The project does not pass the design table

Rockwell B-1R Bomber
Gun Atk: None
Man Rtng: 1.5/1.0
Size/Signature: Large/VSmall
In Service: ? [2018]
Counterm: 3rd Gen J&D
Bombsight: Advanced
Damage Value: 76

Name large medium small Vsmall Seathly function
APG-80 160 113 84 36 11 LD/SD
160 133 76 43 24 SS,TF

Performance: Speed in Knots
Throttle Setting
Altitude Cruise FullMill Reheat
V/Low: 650 650 792
Med: 700 780 1020
High: 807 920 1260

Ceiling: 16000 meters
Engine Type: TF
Endurance Data
Inflight Refuel: Y/B
Cruise Range: 5182 nm
Int Fuel: 88452 kg
Drop Tank Desc Fuel Wt. Range add.
Standard Int Bay Tank 5559 kg 625 nm
Small Int Bay Tank 3789 kg 280 nm

Ordinance Loadouts:
34020 kg 3 Internal Bomb Bay
27040 kg 6 under fuselage pilons
Off Guns: None
Defensive Guns: None
Bomb Bay Weapons:
96/144 GBU-39/40 SDB (4 or 6 packs)
84x Mk-82 GPB, Mk-62 Naval mines
30x CBU-87/89/97/103/104/105 cluster/sensor-fused/WCMD munitions
24x GBU-31 JDAM, AGM-158 JASSM
15x GBU-38 JDAM
12x AGM-154 JSOW
8x Mk-65 Naval mines

under fuselage weapons:
1x Sniper Pod in Right Forward pylon
16/24x GBU-39/40 SDB (4 or 6 packs)
24x CBU-87/89/97/103/104/105 cluster/sensor-fused/WCMD munitions
12x Mk-82 GPB, Mk-62 Naval mines, GBU-22
10x GBU-31 JDAM, AGM-158 JASSM, GBU-23, AGM-154 JSOW, GBU-24, GBU-38 JDAM
4x GBU-28
Additional Pylons
2x AN/ALQ-99 offensive Jammers

Proposal bomber by Rockwell to 2014-18 regional bomber, no enter in service. Fitted with DataLink, ESM, Satcom. Rememorized by F-22 Power Plant, no vectorized Trust capable. Super cruiser speed allowed, combat range reduced in 20%. New radar with AESA capability, AIM-120 AMRRAM and other Air to Air missile allowed. Reduce range of hostile radars within the radar horizon by 40%.

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