domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

Sea Tentacle MSO

Sea Tentacle MSO class
Basic Ship Data:
Displacement: 4146 full
In class: 1
In Service 1
Acoustic Counterm: None
Electronic Counterm: 4th Gen D
Electronic Support: 3rd Gen
Propulsion: COGAG/Waterjet
Crew: 110+20
Size class: C/Small
Signature Class: VSmall/Quiet
Advance per 45º turn: (Speed lost)
Standard rudder: 200 yards (2)
Hard rudder: 100 yards (3)
Accel/Tac Turn from 0-50% Max Speed 18
Accel/Tac Turn from 51-100% Max Speed 9
Deceleration/Tac from any speed 18

BridgeMaster (Decca 2000 series) J


TISS II (4rd Gen EO)

F/A(1)2 Millenium Gun 35mm//1 EO C
F&A(4)2 Mk-156 VLS launcher w/32 ESSM
F&A(16)2 Mk-48 VLS launcher w/ see remarks D
PB/SB/PA/SA(2)4 M240C 12,7mm MG C
A(1)1 Aft Hangar w/2 MH-60R & 2 MQ-8B
A(1)1 Aft Pad

NPS 2005 Catamaran design ESSM and Millenium Gun has autonomous. 5400Nm @ 20 kts or 1045 @ 35 kts. Catamaran ship, special damage modifier of -10%; Amphibious ship, special damage modifier of -25%.
-          Aviation: Fitted with helicopter recovery system and dual stabilizers. Flight deck can spot one MH-60. Carry two MH-60 and 2 MQ-8B in aft hangar. Can also carry 2 OH-58B/AH-6/MH-6 or 3 MQ-8B vice 1 MH-60. fitted to HIFR (Helicopter in Flight Refueling)
-          Mission Deck: 50 Sea Tentacle UUVs, 2 WLD-1, 2 RHIB 7m, 2 USV 12m w/ 2 Side doors, 1 Keel ramp and 1 Aft Ramp. Can launch or recovery 1 vessel in 2 tactical turns by a door or ramp.
-          VLS: Can carry ASROC and SSM. Typical configuration has 8 ASROC and 8 SSM.

Damage and speed Breakdown:
Dam Pts: 0/21/42/63/76/84
Surf Speed: 43/32/22/11/0/Sinks