jueves, 18 de febrero de 2010

Escenarios para Star & Stripes??? / Sceneries for Star & Stripes???

Buceando por la red, he encontrado un muy interesante post de Andy doty en WarfareSim.com concerniente a la futura ampliacion de harpoon4 sobre los años 60s y 70s de la guerra fria. Lo interesante el la cantidad de situaciones que es posible que trate si esta informacion sea cierta. Os dejo el susodicho post:, si quereis hecharle un ojo, podeis verlo aqui. / Diving for the network, I found a very interesting post on Andy Doty WarfareSim.com concerning the future enlargement of harpoon4 on the 60s, and 70s of the Cold War. Interestingly the number of situations that you may question if this information is true. I leave the said post: if you wish made one eye, you can see here.


As Stars and Stripes (S&S) moves up on the Admiralty Trilogy ladder, I want to put out the idea of scenarios. So far, the following are being covered.
1961 Desert Storm 1961; (this will have ground combat too)
1961 Bay of Pigs; what if the USN was allowed to help the Brigade? (This will have ground combat)
1962 Cuban Missile Crisis; total OOB and scenario generators.
1967 Mid East war; CVBG vs different countries threats.
1969 Libyan coup; UK vs Russians (still in development).
1970 Okean exercise turns to war.
1971 Indo/Pak war with the US CVBG vs IN CVBG (The Royal Navy will be there too).
1972 Vietnam; Battle of Dong Hoi.
1973 Mid East war; USN vs Russian Med fleet (I can’t spell 5th Eskadra). This will be the major campaign for S&S. Total OOB and several scenarios as the build up progresses.
1974 South Vietnamese vs PLA Navy. (I figure the South Vietnamese Navy will be a two page bonus).
1975 Okean exercise turns to war part II.
1979 Iran vs USN (Carter says shoot first and ask questions later).

Not sure if there will be scenarios for
Liberty (this could be a “how the rules work” walk through).
Mayaguez (more of a tactical skirmish game).

So, if any of you have good ideas for scenarios, now’s the time to bring them to the table and let me know.

Andy Doty